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The 30 year-old designer Jeffrey Charles is the one recognized by Dazed as the leader of “the next generation London kid’s”. The clothing brand is Loverboy and is addressed to English stage of clubs where his research for his collection originates, between friends and partners –artist, performers, musicians, queens and poets- contributing to the artistic outcome with director Jack Appleyard for his creative direction of his performances.

Louise Wilson was his mentor, the same professor of Alexander Mac Queen, (the designer that’s compared more frequently) who had been hard with him and often mentioned that his clothes were meaningless wake him find his identity as designer and he succeeded.

Being student at the Fashion Design in Central Saint Martin’s, was asked to make his birthday party in the ritual eastern London VF Dalston (Vogue fabrics). The event was debated in London and like that, the collection LOVERBOY set up to finance the lecture of MA in Central Saint Martin’s.

After his practice in Christian Dior atelier, his continued his work with Lulu Kennedy MBE. He showed a part of Man Fashion East in cooperation with Topman for three seasons.

When he presented his first collection in London Fashion Week was sp fresh and controversial that immediately established him as one of the most exciting of men clothes combining humor with couture fashion and the radical creativity with technical excellence. Jeffrey’s ability to mediate art with commerce has gained a position between the most famous conceptual of the world such as Comme des Garcons and Vivienne Westwood.

He also achieved to be a fashion editor for LOVE including a creative story of Vivien Westwood for Another Man retrospective to Maison Magriela (in cooperation with John Galliano) for LOVE and article about Buffalo Zine and CANDY. Alongside with his other work Jeffry also produces Fashion illustration.

Charles Jeffry is a creative cyclone. Illustration, paintings and sculptures inspire his collections and for this reason NOW Gallery has devoted an entire performance to Jeffry artistic works.

The brands presence on the shelves worldwide seems to imply Jeffrey’s anode on the first line of fashion industry.